The following are the terms and conditions for participating as a Subscriber of the Company program. Company reserves the right to revise any or all of this Subscription agreement (its prices, and its sales, marketing, points commission(bonus) plan at any time, from time to time. Amendments are effective and binding upon being published on this website. All Subscribers of Company are required to sign and mail the subscription terms, to receive commission payments.

  • You must be 18 years of age or older to join Company.
  • Subscriber Commissions shall be paid by company in the form of Cheque, or By IMPS, DD, RTGS, NIFT.
  • Subscriber Commissions must exceed Rs.500.00 in order to receive a commission payment.
  • An individual becomes a Company subscriber by completing and submitting the Subscription Application. You must have a valid ,EMAIL ID, mobile number to receive subscribed SMS, digital ads service from Company. To receive commission payment you must accept the Subscription Agreement and click the register button in application . Company must have this signed Subscription agreement on file before any commission payments can be issued.
  • Subscribers must be considered active Subscribers in order to earn commissions. Company will check mobile numbers ,email ids at any time, should be on to receive SMS ,digital ads or Call for active. Mobile Number, email id Should is the same for complete 1 year to receive SMS,digital ads if the given mobile number, email id  is not in service or unavailable then subscriber is not eligible to receive payment from company.
  • As a subscriber you may receive as many as SMS’s/email’s ,digital ads per day.
  • Your right to privacy is very important to Company. Your personal information will never sold or distributed to outside parties.
  • Company is open for Indian subscribers only. Company reserves the right to discontinue taking applications for subscriptions at any time for any reason, or may limit partially or totally.
  • Company will manage  all data under this program and shall have the final word in any disputes regarding subscription.
  • we provide guarantee of payment is made between Company and its subscribers. Company makes subscriber commission payments based of current and future advertising revenue. Commissions are directly related to the advertising revenue generated by Company and its partners.
  • If you are an active Company subscriber, Company offers certain services and benefits to you during your subscription. Subscribers are eligible to accumulate “awards”, “points” of certain kinds. The accumulation of “earnings”, “points”, “awards” or “prizes” do not constitute wages, salary or payment for services. The word “earn”, “earnings”, “cash”, “converted point’s value”
  • Found on the Company site refers to incentive awards for participation in certain activities, not a payment for services, employment or contract relationship of any kind. All Company awards, points, clicks, or “earnings” are simply voluntary tangible incentives provided by Company at the determination of Company in order to recognize the activity and performance of its subscribers.
  • As per company rule will deduct the Applicable 10% taxes on paid payments/(bonus )commissions.
  • Company reserves the rights to revise any or all terms of this Subscription agreement from time to time. Whenever there is a revision to this agreement. Company will notify you of the revision in the Subscription login and update page. Disagreement with such revisions will prohibit you from maintaining your Subscription with Company. Your continued use of the benefits of
  • Subscription without indicating a disagreement in the member update will signify your acceptance of the Subscription agreement and revisions.
  • Company will not be liable for indirect, special, or consequential damages (or any loss of revenue, profits, or data) arising in connection with this Agreement or the Program, even if we  have been advised of the possibility of such damages.
  • Company subscribers are expressly prohibited from making any representations regarding the income, possible “prizes”, “awards”, or “points” or “earnings” potential of subscribing.
  • Any subscriber who wishes to terminate their subscription may do so by just emailing “Subject: CANCEL ACCOUNT” WITH REGISTER MOBILE NUMBER to cancelsubscription@rediffmail.comResignation or termination of any Company subscription results in the permanent loss of the rights to his or her organization, earnings or rewards.
  • Subscription is valid till 180 days  only from the date of activation
  • If advertisements not received day by day will accumulated, it will be add to next day,
  • Each day advertisements are accumulated and payments will be calculated for every 15 days only.


I am a major /accompanied by a major i hereby confirm having gone through,

Fully read and understood the ibc digital club  terms and conditions,

and that i shall abide by the same and the same is acceptable,

i have read the terms and conditions of ibc digital club  and agree the same,


I agree to receive ads from ibc digital club.

Subscription fee rs.423/ +GST Rs 77/-total:-Rs 500/-0nly

Terms& conditions

1.i agree to receive IBC DIGITAL CLUB ads,

what’s app messages ,Watching video ads,Audio ads,Image ads,Text ads,Gip file ads,Surfing website,Giving comments,Giving likes,Subscribe you tube Channels,Getting regular updates to my subscription,

2,Member should not force anybody to join this scheme or mislead,

3.The subscription valid for the date or time RS 2115 add to your account   from the date of activation

4.SUBSCRIPTION  Rs.423/-only



DETAILS :  –        

Good and Service  Tax :-   Rs  77/-  GST

SUBSCRIPTION;-                Rs.423/-